The temperature drops sharply, according to the warm-up three points

The temperature drops sharply, according to the warm-up three points

After the temperature has dropped, many people have cold hands and feet, joint pain, neck and lumbar pain and other discomforts. In fact, this is related to the lack of blood.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says that “the pain is not acceptable, and the general rule is not painful.” Everyone knows a simple truth. The warm summer water is flowing, and the cold winter is dripping into ice. This is “the cold is condensing, the temperature is OK.”

There are three acupuncture points, it is recommended that you massage more, you can set the purpose of dredging meridians, promoting blood circulation, keeping warm and keeping warm.

  This point of Dazhui is below the most fractured bone behind the neck. Patients with lumbar spondylosis can wipe the waist. The spine is the part of the acupuncture and moxibustion. The Du Meridian can regulate the body’s yang, and the neck and neck can be used to dredge the body.The veins and meridians regulate the qi and blood. The specific operation is to press the neck and waist tightly with both hands, and force it for about 30 times.

Patients with cervical spondylosis can often press the Dazhui point.

  The two points of Hegu and Zusanli are Yangming meridian points. Yangming is a multi-qi and blood-stained meridian, which is of great significance to the smoothness of meridians and qi and blood.

If you can continue to massage Hegu every day, Zusanli and other acupoints can also increase the body’s resistance and improve the body’s ability to withstand cold.

  In addition, the weather turns cold and the temperature drops, the blood vessels are easy to contract, the blood pressure is easy to fluctuate, and the blood pressure changes are prone to cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction, which is the stroke that Chinese medicine says.

So often massage these three points is also good for cardiovascular protection.

People with a history of stroke must keep warm, according to the situation with functional rehabilitation, the use of drugs must be on time, according to the conditions, you can regularly hot springs, water temperature and body temperature can be balanced, these measures are conducive to clear the meridians, reconcile the blood.

Uncover the mystery of 4 kinds of weight loss drugs

Uncover the mystery of 4 kinds of weight loss drugs

Simple obesity patients should be carefully selected according to their own health status under the guidance of a doctor.

Fluephane lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol triester and plasma, lowers blood sugar for diabetes with hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, amphetamine is low in hypertension, generally well tolerated, less affected by cardiovascular systemFor diabetic patients with mild cardiovascular disease; double diabetes hypoglycemic drugs for diabetic patients with diabetes, can also be used for diabetic patients with a family history of diabetes and long-term overweight, other methods of treatment are invalidHypertensive patients.

  1, amphetamine, also known as diethylamine benzaldehyde.

Oral 25 mg, 3 times a day, 0 before meals.

Take 5-1 hours.

If the effect is not obvious, you can take 1 tablet (25 mg) in the evening.

2 months is a course of treatment.

The retina is mainly mildly excited, insomnia, nausea, constipation or diarrhea.

Hypothyroidism is used with caution.

Long service can produce dependence.

  2, thyroxine oral 30 mg, 2 times a day, can gradually increase to 120 mg-160 mg per day, in order to prevent tachycardia, often at the same time take 10 mg, 2 times a day, most of the main heart,Excessive sweating, irritability, etc., have coronary heart disease or hyperthyroidism are hanged.

  3, stupid double dialdehyde, also known as hypoglycemic, oral initial dose of 25 mg, 3 times a day, gradually increase afterwards, but up to 150 mg a day.

The retina has anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heart, liver, and kidney disease.

  4, fluoroamphetamine: also known as fenfluramine oral 20 mg, 3 times a day, before meals 0.

Take 5-1 hours.

According to the efficacy and patient tolerance, the dose can be gradually increased to 80 mg per day; 8-12 weeks is a course of treatment.

The distal end mainly has mild abdominal pain, dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, etc., continuous medication for more than 6 months, can produce drug substitution and addiction.

Spring weather – Chunyang rises, adapts to the season to health

Spring weather – Chunyang rises, adapts to the season to health

The picture waterfall network Chunyang rises, the underground hidden yang expands and rises, warms the earth, the heavens and the earth exchanges warm wind and gas filled the world, the snow and ice melt, the vegetation sprouts, the vitality recovers, the insect animals wake up from the slumber, start to eat for foodFood, flying bird worm, Yangliuyiyi, all things reborn, Chen Qirong.

The weather is gentle and radiant, and the warmth and the hair are combined. Everything is nourishing and radiant. People are also chilled by the cold, warm and temperate, transforming the gentleness of the hair, and getting up early in the night, strolling between the courtyards, without modification, no need to wear like the cold winter season.So tight, just loose and comfortable, take off the hat and shun the spring and the air slowly, although gentle and cool, people still need to take care of the yang.

Spring is in the head, that is to say, spring gas occurs at the head of all things, slow and gentle movement, the brakes make the hidden minds sigh, and the birth is born. Since it is the spirit of birth, there will be no tempering, since it isGiven the vitality of its rebirth, you can’t be surprised by its needs. Since you want to fund the reward, you can’t just notice the damage.

That is to say, if you do good deeds, Shi En does not ask for a report, and does not regret it.

The spirit of spring life, that is, such as Guang Shi Rende, Shi Wuqiu, to help the cultivation of all things, this is the spring time, the way to health.

Picture of the waterfall network “Monthly”: the Spring Festival, the first five days of the east wind thawed, the next five days of locusts began to spur, the next five days fish on the ice.

In the rainy season, the fish was sacrificed on the fifth day of the fifth day, and the next five days, the geese came, and the grass rose on the next five days.

Zhongchun horror festival, the beginning of the fifth day of Tao Shihua, the fifth day of Cang Gengming, the next five days into the eagle.

The second spring equinox, the first five days of the mysterious bird to the next five days, Lei Naisheng, 芍药荣; the next five days of electricity.

In the second season of the Ching Ming Festival, the first five days of Tong Shihua, the fifth day of the voles became the scorpion, Peony, and the first five days of the rainbow.

The second valley rains, the first five days of the beginning of the Ping, the fifth day of the Ming Yu Yu, the next five days, Dai Sheng fell to the mulberry.

Anything that happens in Chunyang, if it violates it, it will inevitably kill the sheep, plunder, and punish the autumn, which will inevitably damage the liver, and the liver injury will be less pleasing to support the summer long, the wood does not produce fire, the yang is insufficient, summerThe change of coldness and coldness reduces the gas of long-term maintenance.

Dongfeng was born in the spring, the spring gas and the liver are connected, the spring disease is mostly in the liver, and the Yu is in the neck, the grass is broken, so the spring gas is sick.

The essence of the person, the body of this is also hidden in the elite, spring is not sick, the essence of the volcanic, Yang does not soar.

The five internal organs should be four o’clock, the oriental blue color is in the liver, open to the eye, the essence is in the liver, the essence of the wood gas is the soul of the soul, the side of the sun rises, the purpose is used, the wood flexion and extension have shaking, so the disease is horrified.

Its taste is sour, its character is soft and brittle, similar to grass, “Easy” words: the image of grass is like a dragonfly, and the animal is a chicken.

Mai Xing Chunsheng’s order, and the grain is the wheat.

“Materia Medica” 曰: Mai is the length of the grain, the essence of the wood, the upper star, the object is glory on the top, so the spring is in the head, the five-tone corner, and the wood gas.

The number of wood is three, the number is eight, the wood is soft, and it is weak in the temperament. Everything is changed by wood.

If the picture network wins, then everything will be shaken, so if the wind wins, then move, “Zuo Zhuan”: wind and obscenity.

Husband and anger, cold and heat injury, anger and yin, violent and yin.

Winter injury is cold, spring is sick, spring is hurting in the wind, Xiasheng is venting.

Oriental wind, wind wood, wood acid, acid liver, liver ribs, tendons.

The yang is rising, the wind is scattered, the wind comes from the east, the spring is thawed by the east wind, the warm wind and the warmth, the wind drums are glory, the wind makes the grass grow, and the taste of all things is sour, all of which are born of wood.

“Shang Shu Hong Fan”: Qu straight for acid.

Sour taste into the liver, where the taste of acid, all of them raise the liver, the essence of the liver, and raise the muscles.

The wood of the liver has raised the gluten, and the wood of the ribs breeds the heart.

The head of the liver, in the sky called the mysterious, that is: the sky is high, not yet brilliant.

In the artificial way, the title is called, and the way is changed, and the person is returned.

In the land, the transformation is the creation, that is to say: all things are cultivated according to the seasons, and they are all meanings of creation.

Everything breeds, and the five flavors can be created by the creation of heaven and earth.

In the way of the Tao, people’s alertness and intelligence are born according to the Tao; Xuanyyuan’s empty land, where God is, Xuanxu can be angry, the so-called God, in the sky called the wind, it flies and drums, and is far away, noIt doesn’t work, can it be deified?

God is called wood in the ground, it is soft and straight, and it is not the nature of wood.

In the human body, the ribs are passed through the veins, so that the whole body can be bundled together to concentrate.

In the organ called the liver, the god of the liver is the soul, the soul is in the liver, the soul is quiet, the mind is not chaotic, in the color is Cang, Cang is called the thin cyan, that is, the color of the grass, in the sound is the angle, the corner is called the wood sound, becauseIt straightens.

“Legend”: The chaos is worrying, and its people complain.

In the sound of the call, call is called, also called the whistle.

When the change is the grip, the grip is held.在窍门为目,目可以观见形色,在味为酸,酸可用于收敛,在志为怒,怒所以禁止非妄想,怒多伤肝,悲忧可解怒(即胜怒)。

Women at special stages are most likely to gain weight

Women at special stages are most likely to gain weight

Slim body is the fashion pursued by contemporary women and also the pride of women.

Slim is both beautiful and meets health requirements.

Regrettably, experiencing a general improvement in living standards, more and more fat people.

The fat man is worried, the doctor is also worried, once it is full, the weight loss is like silking, and it is far less easy to prevent obesity.

  Losing weight is painful, taking medicine, dieting, exercising, no matter which one is very tired, very sinful, so we should prevent obesity.

Excessive genetic and accidental factors can be avoided.

This article will reveal the reasons and countermeasures for the excessive number of special stages of women.

  First, adolescent women enter adolescence, ovarian and adrenal cortex begin to change functionally, and produce two hormones of female and male and young, and then ovulation of the ovary will naturally synthesize progesterone, which will trigger the external physical changes of women, such as rapid increase, breast development, abnormal increase in the body, the body gradually full, showing a clear second sexual characteristics.

  The above series of changes are normal and are phenomena that cannot be crossed by natural development.

What is particularly striking is that adolescent obesity plays a vital role in sexual maturity, menstrual cramps and the formation of regularity, and there is no need to worry about it.

  In fact, many women are afraid of this adolescent obesity when they are obese, so they are struggling to diet. Over time, they have caused psychological anorexia and serious lack of nutrition.

This is in any case harmful to the normal development of puberty and even normal growth in the future.

  In order to get healthy and normal development during adolescence, you must rely on a reasonable and timely diet, but gluttony, snacks and sweets should be avoided.

Pay more attention to physical exercise and physical labor, and the over-puberty can be successfully passed.

Unless there is a particular obesity, there is no need to make a big fuss.

  Second, after the abortion, there are surveys showing: 30%?
40% of women have an average weight gain of 5 after careful abortion?
7 kg.

This excess is the same as normal postpartum too much. After the hormone levels in the body return to normal, the excess aunt naturally reduces, without special weight loss.

  In general, there are three reasons for weight gain after abortion: 1.

The abortion suddenly interrupted the normal pregnancy, and the endocrine balance required to maintain normal normal development was completely disrupted, causing additional.


After artificial abortion, the function of the hypothalamus is imbalanced, which directly affects the slight metabolism, causing the subcutaneous aunt to have a short-term turnover, resulting in a “backlog”.


New changes in hypothalamic function will interfere with the balance of sex hormones in the body, especially the effect of gonadotropin, which is manifested by increased meat.

  For the blessing after artificial abortion, as long as proper exercise, combined with a reasonable normal diet, will naturally calm down this special stage of the blessing.

  Third, after the illness, the illness is healed, accompanied by a process of natural rehabilitation. At this time, the appetite often increases, and those who have previously had poor sleep often stay in bed.

Non-significant consumptive diseases, such as trauma, birth control surgery, appendectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, etc., if the time is too long, the diet is too much, the activity is too little, and the posture will be full.

In fact, eating a good rest is only the basic condition for rehabilitation. It is not the only condition. It must not ignore the positive effect of exercise on rehabilitation, and it is also an effective way to prevent obesity after illness.

After the disease, when the appetite is extremely strong, you should pay attention to controlling the diet.

  Fourth, middle-aged According to statistics, before the age of 15, 15% of people get fat; 15?
At the age of 19, 14% were fat; 20?
At the age of 29, 18% are fat; 30?
At the age of 39, 33.

8% of people get fat; 40?
At the age of 49, 28.

1% of people get fat; 50?
At the age of 59, 56% were fat; people over 60 rarely gained weight.
  It is not difficult to find out from the above figures: People are most likely to be blessed in middle age. What are the reasons?


Physically, people are at 30?
Between the ages of 35, the function of various organs began to decline, such as the function of the heart, the function of the respiratory system, and the metabolism of various organs naturally decreased, and the consumption and consumption will also decrease, so that the accumulated aunt will live in the abdomen very accurately., hips and thighs, etc.


In sports, people go to middle age. Due to psychological and practical reasons, mental and physical labor is reduced, consumption and consumption are also reduced, and outings and sports are also reduced, making extra conversions unfortunate.


After the middle-aged people in the spiritual age, all aspects, including careers and families, tend to be stable and calm. Many people know how to live with them, and they are naturally good and healthy.
These are caused by the action of the spirit on the nerves and the action of the nerves on the endocrine.

  In addition to the above-mentioned stages, when people are frustrated, they may cause obesity when they are proud. However, as long as they calmly and mentally, eating and exercising normally and properly, they will be excessive.

People with diabetes can also keep their feet healthy!

Pay attention to these four points, just keep a bubble

People with diabetes can also keep their feet healthy!
Pay attention to these four points, just keep a bubble

The weather turned cold, many people choose to use hot water bubble feet at night, one can promote the blood circulation of the feet, eliminate the cold, the other is to solve the lack of sleep.

Although the foot bath is a good health habit for the body, but for some people, the foot needs to pay more attention to some things, to avoid this good habit to cause “trouble.”

For example, diabetic patients.

So what is the reason that diabetic patients can’t soak their feet?

What should you pay attention to if a diabetic wants to soak his feet?

The notion that diabetics can’t soak their feet is more general.

In fact, after suffering from the complications of the foot in the diabetic patients, the foot has wounds, cracks, etc. It is not suitable for soaking the feet, to avoid causing more serious infections, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.

For diabetic patients who do not cause foot disease, they can still soak their feet.

However, pay attention to some details in the process of bathing your feet.

Precautions for feet in diabetic patients 1.

Attention to water temperature, diabetes patients with long-term high blood pressure, it will cause the body’s nerves, vascular lesions, peripheral nerves decline in perception, slow response.

Do not use your feet to lower the water temperature when bathing your feet. The temperature of the foot wash water is recommended at 37 °C.

This can avoid the difference in the sense of the foot, and the water temperature is too high to cause burns.


Pay attention to the time of soaking feet. At night, warm feet can help promote blood circulation and relieve cold, but it is not suitable for soaking feet during obesity or when eating too much to avoid causing stomach discomfort and affecting digestion.


Note that the time for soaking the feet is not as long as possible, in about 15 minutes.

Long-term foaming feet will cause a lot of blood in the body to flow to the body surface, causing the expansion of the heart, brain and other organs, which is anoxic, which will increase the incidence of diseases for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or low blood pressure and physical weakness.Danger.


After bathing your feet, pay attention to the condition of your feet after you take care of your feet. See if there are any abnormalities.

For example, if the lower leg is damaged, cracked, blistered, swollen, and even if the skin is abnormal, if you find any abnormal situation, you need to find a doctor for treatment.

If everything is ok, wipe the feet with a soft, clean towel after bathing. Pay attention to the position of the toes and avoid these locations because they are not wiped clean and then cause local infection.

It is recommended (especially during the dry season in autumn and winter) to apply some moisturizing skin care products to the feet, some petrolatum to prevent cleft palate in the feet.

If it is sweaty feet, gram on the feet to apply some non-irritating dry powder, such as talcum powder.

Since the feet of diabetic patients are so vulnerable, it is necessary to pay more attention to protection in daily life.

When choosing shoes and socks, be sure to choose loose, soft, suitable, to avoid the feet being squeezed, rubbing, affecting the normal circulation of blood in the feet, causing vascular lesions in the feet.

Also pay attention to the problem of warmth and ventilation.

Also pay attention when fractured toenails, do not cut too deep, accidentally cut bleeding.

The trimmed nails must have a smooth edge to prevent sharp nails from scratching the toenails.

Fear of obesity, diet, anorexia, inheritance

Fear of obesity, diet, anorexia, inheritance

People have always believed that anorexia is related to environmental factors such as interpersonal relationships and entanglements in work life.

However, according to a report by the Inter-American News Agency on March 7, researchers at the University of North Carolina in the United States have studied tens of thousands of pairs of twins in Sweden and found that anorexia can also be inherited.

  Anorexia is an eating disorder that causes a significant decrease in weight because of fear of being overweight.

Cynthia at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?

Bricco and her colleagues studied 31,406 pairs of Swedish twins born between January 1, 1935 and December 31, 1958.

They found that 56% of anorexia were caused by heredity, and the rest were caused by acquired environmental factors.

The researchers also found that people born after 1945 were more likely to get anorexia.

Cynthia said: “People carrying anorexia genes are not necessarily ill, but the risk of morbidity is higher, and anorexia may occur due to excessive weight loss and psychological stress.

“At present, the number of patients with anorexia is increasing dramatically, with young women mainly.

Due to malnutrition, patients with anorexia will have reduced systemic function and the mortality rate will be as high as 5%-8%.