Eat positive food in autumn and winter, warm up and slim down

Eat positive food in autumn and winter, warm up and slim down

Guide: After the 11th National Day, the temperature in most parts of the South should drop.

When a person’s body is cold, the rate of metabolism will slow down, and the metabolism that slows down and accumulates in the human body will also burn slowly.

In the cold autumn, what does eating make our body warm?

The following small series introduces you to a few “positive foods” that can warm your body!

  The red wine of red wine is not an ordinary wine. It not only protects the heart, prevents cancer, but also has a good beauty and beauty effect.

In addition, red wine is also a big warm-up food.

Because red wine itself is wine, and wine has the effect of warming the blood, and the rich grape polyphenols in red wine have anti-oxidation and promote blood circulation.

Therefore, drinking wine can improve, warm the kidneys, accelerate metabolism, effectively reduce the accumulation of water in the body and quickly lick inside the body.

  Drinking a small glass of red wine before going to bed can both sleep and relieve body pressure, and slowly raise the temperature of the body, allowing the amateur to quietly and then metabolize during sleep.

  Ginger When people are drenched in the rain or feel cold, they will cook ginger tea to warm up, so when it comes to warming food, we naturally think of ginger.

Spicy ginger encourages the body to produce heat, which is because ginger contains gingerol.

Ginger phenol has an effect of making the blood circulation smooth and making the activity of the viscera such as the stomach active.

The activity of the internal organs becomes active, which naturally increases the metabolism of the body and increases the body temperature.

  In this chilly autumn, drink a cup of hot ginger tea, not only to keep warm, but also to increase the speed of metabolism, consumption of body metabolism, to achieve weight loss.

  According to the analysis, the grain size of mutton per 100 grams is nearly twice that of beef, and the stool of every 100 grams of mutton is half of that of pork. Therefore, in the cold season, mutton is the ideal meat for Aimei MM.

Because eating mutton promotes blood circulation, it can effectively improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet caused by lack of yang, chills and cold, and can also accelerate the burning metabolism of adults in the body.

  People who are not qi and blood eat more mutton, can raise blood, keep out the cold, and keep fit.

But only because of the heat of the mutton, it is more suitable for warming the stomach in the winter. Patients with hot days or fever should be careful to eat lamb, and all the hot substitutes are fasting the lamb.

Xiaobian’s message: The season of autumn and winter handover is hot and cold. When picking a place at night, several friends get together to eat some positive food, warm up and slim down, a great blessing in life!

Thin people can gain weight through stomach

Thin people can gain weight through stomach

Some people prefer to be thinner and not too much. This idea is not mature.

It is not beautiful and healthy.

Some experts have investigated and investigated that most men like full-bodied women.

A skinny person can not only wear clothes, but also affect the appearance. More importantly, thin people have many hidden dangers.

  Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the “the essence of the day after tomorrow”. The main spleen is transported, the spleen is transported by the spleen, and the water valley is subtle, and the turbidity is clear and turbid. It is the source of biochemistry, and the internal organs are all raised.

The spleen has a beneficial effect and blood.

Important physiological functions such as the main muscles and limbs.

Spleen and stomach are weak, do not digest and absorb nutrients, then see muscles are thin, limbs are not warm, or face Huang Shaohua, abdominal cold and flatulence.

The stool is thin or the diet is not fragrant.

The lieutenant is bloated.

The mouth is sweet and sticky, the head is heavy and sleepy, and so on.

Therefore, thin people need to gain weight, the most important spleen and stomach, qi and nourishing.

Restore normal digestive system function.

  So how can we play the spleen and stomach, restore the normal function of digestion and absorption, and achieve the purpose of increasing fat?


Maintain an optimistic and steady state of mind.

Thin people are prosperous, temper temperament, everything should be thought from a good angle, less angry, angry, try to reduce stress, happy every day.


appropriate exercise.

Walking every day, doing gymnastics, running, walking, Tai Chi, climbing, swimming, etc. for half an hour, you insist on it.


Have enough sleep, don’t stay up late.

Less to watch movies and TV.


Adjust your diet.

Eat more easily digestible protein, such as fish, eggs, stimulating, eat less, eat less.


The combination of TCM health and nutritious diets, no matter how nutritious foods, requires a normal digestive system to absorb nutrients.

The traditional Chinese medicine health care methods that help digestion and absorption of spleen and stomach are: Guipi Pills, Ginseng Jianpi Pills, Zisheng Pills, Shenxian Baiji, Yannian Laofang, Bazhen Cake, Qingbu Lifei Jianpi Pills, etc.

Some thin people not only have spleen weakness, blood deficiency, but also kidney deficiency, they need both spleen and kidney.

  Nutritional diet, absorbs too much protein and restores normal digestive function.

Adequate protein helps the digestive function work properly.

Because the enzyme that breaks down food is also made up of protein, it can break down food into tiny particles, which are converted into water and then into the blood.

When the protein intake in the diet is too much, the stomach wall, the small intestine and the pancreas continuously secrete enough enzymes in the energy source, and the reconstitution function is sound, which can normally squirm, so that the food is mixed with the digestive juice and the enzyme, and after the food is completely digested, the nutrient andThe small intestine wall absorbs and then enters the bloodstream.

  In addition, the entire digestive system must function effectively in its normal position.

When the protein is insufficient, the digestive wall and ligaments relax, and the position of some internal organs changes.

If the stomach is drooping, the intestines are nested in the pelvis, the uterus or bladder is tilted and other internal organs are displaced.

Because of the body shape, lean people are prone to metabolic drooping and supplementing excess protein, which can change this situation.
  The relaxation of the small intestine can not absorb nutrients normally. Many undigested foods accumulate in the large intestine, breeding numerous corrupted bacteria, forming inflation gas, and the slack of the large intestine is unable to excrete the waste in the body, and it is easy to form constipation.
The only way to restore normal digestive function is to use excess protein.

Anorexia, poor appetite, less meat, or the meat that is eaten is not digested and absorbed, the protein absorbed is not sufficient, and the digestive function is hindered. The more digested, the less meat is eaten, the worse the digestion is.Vicious circle.

Then you need to add extra protein to help digestion and absorption, which helps to improve the function of the digestive system.

  Vitamin B is a digestive coenzyme. When vitamin B is deficient in the body, the amount of digestive enzymes is reduced, which affects digestive function.

When vitamin B is deficient, various changes will occur on the tongue. First, the front end of the tongue and the double taste buds will expand, and then become smaller or even disappear.

Make the tip of the tongue and above smooth, while the taste buds on the back continue to grow.

  When the vitamin B deficiency is severe, the taste buds will grow together and crack the tip of the tongue.

There is a crack in the center of the tongue. If the vitamin B deficiency is gradually worsened, the tongue will become cracked.

  Vitamin B is only present in a small amount of food: rice bran, yeast, wheat germ, liver, due to the finishing of food, modern people lack a lot of vitamin B, vitamin B supplement, can help restore digestive function.

  Vitamin C eliminates toxins and increases immunity. It is a natural antibiotic.

  Minerals such as calcium and magnesium promote bone growth and relax nerves.

Promote sleep.

  Adding fat is a process, and fattening is not a day or two, a month or two.

Don’t worry about how much pounds you have to pay this month, and how many pounds you have to pay next month.

Obesity is a process of conditioning the body, enhancing antibodies, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and restoring normal digestive function.

The digestion and absorption function is strong, supplementing excess nutrients and achieving the purpose of natural fattening.

Breathing deep in the abdomen to increase your life

Breathing deep in the abdomen to increase your life

In the “Decree of the Order” written by the cold-hearted family of the Ming Dynasty, there was “a sucking and picking up, and the air was turned to the umbilical.

“It contains the deep breathing of the abdomen, the anus and the purpose of swallowing, and has become the secret of longevity for hundreds of years.

  The effect of abdominal breathing on fitness extension can be explained at a glance with physiology.

The chest breathing method that people used to be accustomed to, accounts for about 4/5 of the total lungs in the middle and lower lobe of the lungs for a long time. When it is old, it is easy to be cold and cold.

If every breath passes through the abdominal breathing to develop all the alveoli in the middle and lower lobe in time, and also enables passive movement of the intra-abdominal organs, it can prevent many diseases, and will give more oxygen to the blood, thus benefiting the heart andThe physiology of the whole body.

  Everyone in the breath of the first breath of the air has been breathing all lungs.

In addition, everyone uses a pair of belts, which limits abdominal breathing. The result is that the lungs are very consuming, the lungs are too stagnate, and the running diseases of the elderly lungs are mostly invading the middle and lower leaves.

  The reason why deep breathing has such a large effect is that the amount of gas that a normal person inhales and exhales at a time is only 400-500 ml, and the deepest breath, the male can reach 3500 ml, and the female can reach 2500 ml, which is equivalent to normal suction.8 times the gas, so that life gets a lot of energy.

Edible black rice emollient

Edible black rice emollient

People’s living standards continue to improve, black rice is no longer a rare food, eat more black rice, is conducive to dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye disease, weak waist and other symptoms.

Here are some common therapeutics for black rice:

hzh {display: none; }  ● “三黑”粥  黑米50克,黑豆20克,黑芝麻15克,核桃仁15克。Common porridge with brown sugar seasoning.

  Regular food can make Ufa moisturizing beauty, make up brain puzzle, and also make up blood.

Suitable for patients with early white, dizziness and anemia.

  ● Black rice white fungus jujube porridge black rice 100 grams, white fungus 10 grams, jujube 10 pieces.

Together with porridge, cooked with rock sugar and seasoned.

  It can nourish yin and moisten the lungs, nourish the spleen and stomach

  ● Black rice lotus porridge black rice 100 grams, 20 grams of lotus seeds.

Co-cooked porridge, cooked with rock sugar and seasoned.

  It can nourish yin and nourish the heart, nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen. It is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are physically ill after illness. Healthy people can also prevent disease.

  Tip: Black rice must be cooked until it is cooked.

Because the outside of black rice is a hard and tough seed coat, if it is not boiled, it is difficult to be digested and digested by stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which may cause indigestion.

The elderly crash back health, physical fitness

The elderly “crash back” health, physical fitness

If you can do some exercise on the back of the human body and stimulate some parts, you can make the whole body blood more smooth.
Therefore, the elderly can do something to “catch back health” when the body allows.
  Nowadays, in the park, I often see some middle-aged and old friends who are facing the wall or the trunk. They repeatedly hit back and pop up immediately.
It is said that it is a “collision of back” health, can achieve the role of physical fitness, then “collision back” really has such a magical effect?
  The back is closely related to health. Chinese medicine believes that the back is yang and the abdomen is yin. The distribution of the back of the human body is basically the yang of the human body. Among them, the Du Meridian and the Sun’s bladder are particularly important.
The Du Meridian is distributed along the spine in the middle of the lower back. It can supervise a body of Yangmai and accumulate blood for the use of the body meridians.
Anatomy also shows that on both sides of the back spine, there are some autonomic ganglia that regulate the internal organs. These nerves are abnormally stimulated and visceral dysfunction occurs.
  It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part, which stimulates these meridians and acupuncture points and plays an important role in the regulation of visceral function.
  春夏“撞背”能提升阳气  在人体背部进行一定节律的拍打、敲击,能提升阳气,有利于人体气机顺畅,阴阳条达,使人体的脏腑功能更加协调,尤其是春夏In the season, the human blood and blood activities run more smoothly, tending to the surface, hitting the back, knocking back and other exercises to lead the body’s yang from the body to the body surface, which can make the whole body qi and blood smooth, in line with the corresponding health rules of the heavenly person, suitable forMiddle-aged and elderly people who have poor blood flow.
  There is a slamming effect in the practice of ancient self-pollination. The specific method of operation is similar to that of everyone in the park.
The feet are shoulder-width apart, standing against the wall, about 20~40 cm apart, the whole body is relaxed, the body is reclining, the back is hitting the wall, the force is moderate, and the reaction force of the impact makes the body return to the erect, hitting the lower back, the upper bodyProperly lean forward so that the lower back protrudes slightly rearward and then strikes.
During the impact, the mind is focused on the back, so that the concentration is concentrated between the waist, shoulders and back, impacting about 100 times.
  Need to be reminded: the back to the back fitness is best to clear the neck and back without obvious disease, the use of a certain time and intensity, not excessive, the part can not be too high or too low, if you feel unwell, you should stop in time, pleaseThe doctor helped diagnose.

The most important thing is to maintain longevity

The most important thing is to maintain longevity

What is the most worth cherishing in life?

What is the most precious thing in life?

The answers to these questions will be many different. Some people realize that they are careers, some are pursuing money, and others are obsessed with love.

In order to achieve this, people are struggling, even to the point where they are infinitely happy.

However, in this process, paying at the same time, what is the exchange?

Have you found something that is quietly consumed, reduced, and will not come back?

That is to use health as a bargaining chip, with physical overdraft, in exchange for the rapid disappearance of life.

In the dead of night, have you thought about this problem while enjoying the results of the struggle?

Have you spoken to your life?

Do you know how long it will accompany you?

Do you know if it speeds up the pace away from you?

In fact, this kind of thinking about life and the pursuit of longevity have come from ancient times.

In this issue, the trajectory of thinking about the transformation of ancestors explores the relationship between the external appearance and the life that people can change at any time.

  Eyebrows and eyebrows are loyal partners of the eye, protecting the eyes from harm.

It is called “Bao Shou Guan”, which shows its relationship with life.

Traditional medicine believes that the eyebrows belong to the sun and the bladder, and rely on the blood of the sun, reflecting the rise and fall of the sun’s blood.

Under normal circumstances, the eyebrows are thick and scheduled, indicating that the kidneys are full and strong, and the eyebrows are dull and rare, indicating that the kidneys are weak.

Because of the lack of blood and blood, the elderly have a weak kidney and many eyebrows are replaced with a thin color.

“Water Mirror God” said: People’s eyebrows must be broad and long, double-divided into sputum, or like a hanging rhinoceros horn, or like a crescent moon, the first and last rich and full, high in the forehead, is BaoshouGuan Cheng.

According to the shape of the eyebrows, the ancients also divided the eyebrows into 24 kinds according to their characteristics of growth.

We only put forward some opinions related to life, for the reader’s reference: the eyebrow insertion angle, the official high life.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

On the eyebrows note: the person who has gone to the frontal angle of the eyebrows, longevity.

  The eyebrows are long and the life is inevitable.

  Excerpted from “The Complete Works of God?”

On the eyebrows note: people with high eyebrows and drooping eyebrows are tall and good.

  The folk saying “Shoumei” refers to the fact that after the aging, the eyebrows begin to replace, and suddenly one or two long eyebrows grow. This kind of eyebrows is called “Shoumei”.

The folks say that those who have such eyebrows are rejuvenated.

However, if you have a “longevity eyebrow” phenomenon around the age of 50, be careful, it may be an abnormal manifestation of immune function in the body, and there may be serious diseases such as cancer and nephrotic syndrome.

  Tips for eyebrows and nourishment 1

After the roots of the palms of the hands are rubbed, press them on the eyebrows and gently shake them, repeat 27 times, then lift them by hand, put down the eyebrows, do 30 times, then rub your hands, push up in the eyebrows, repeat 27Time, accompanied by constant swallowing saliva.

This can pre-protect the eyebrows, and for the elderly, can prevent premature baldness.


Mulberry leaves, hemp leaves boiled water, wash your eyebrows, whiskers, hair, can not fall.

  The eyes and the Shougu people called the eye “monitoring officer”, which means that the eyes can inspect everything.

The eyes and even the windows of the soul, so the eyes should be subtle and hidden, the eyes should be black and white, the pupils are stable, the light is shining, or the eyes are more than an inch, which is the surveillance officer.

Chinese medicine puts forward that the essence of the five internal organs is the essence of the eye, the fine nest is the eye, the essence of the bone is the scorpion, the essence of the rib is the black eye, the essence of the blood is the collateral, and the essence of the nest is the white eye.The essence of muscles is constrained, and the essence of the muscles of the muscles and the bones are the same as the veins and the veins. The upper part belongs to the brain, and the latter belongs to the item. The eyes, the internal organs, the battalion, the Guardian, the soul, the cockroaches oftenCamp also, the birth of the spirit is also.

“The eyes are the essence of the internal organs, the human body is guarded, the blood, the spirit, the soul is hidden, and the later generations of the “five rounds and eight contours” are the same.  There are also “all the veins, all belong to the eyes, the eyes can be seen from the blood”, “the black eyes of the scorpion in the yin, the white eye red blood law in the yang, so the yin and yang are combined and savvy”, all illustrate the eyePhysiological pathology has a very clear relationship with the internal organs.

Healthy eyes, when you look at things, the pupils are not shaking, black and white is clear, the glory is fine, and the brilliance is clear.

After the Han famous doctor Hua Wei pointed out: “The shape of the pill, the gods live in the middle, such as the southeast of the sun and the southwest.

There are large acupoints inside, that is, heart, lung, spleen, liver, kidney, life gate, each of the main one; Zhongluo eight, said gall, stomach, large intestine, three Jiao, bladder, each one.

There are sub-branches outside, and I don’t know how many of them are suspended in the brain, and they are connected to the organs, and they are smooth and bloody.

Therefore, if the disease occurs, there will be obvious signs of silk and color, and it can be checked for the internal organs and diseases.

The ancients divided their eyes into narrow areas and 13 acupoints. These experiences of adjusting visceral diseases through the treatment of acupoints on the eyes have proved that the eyes are closely related to life.

Modern medicine confirms that the eye is actually a mirror of the brain.

The human eye has 13 blood vessels connected to the body, and there are millions of nerves connected to the brain. They are only an important channel for the brain to obtain external information, and it is a reflection of brain thinking activities and emotional changes.

  Since the eyes and the internal organs are so inextricably linked, how should we observe the life from the eyes?

There is only one sentence: the eyes of the gods.

God, mainly refers to the glory of the eyes: the glory of the longevity.

The most appropriate metaphor is a sentence: the eyes must be “devious.”

  Tips The famous lifestyle of the Tang Dynasty doctor Sun Sizhen in the “Qian Jin Fang” can lead to eyesight damage: 1.

Permanently look at something in the distance, do not give the eyes a rest;

Use the eyes to distinguish small texts at night; 3.

The eyes are smoked for a long time, and the fire is burning;

Permanently ride on the running horse, eyes fixed on the bulls eye archery;

Excessive drinking; 6.

Love to eat hot pasta; 7.

The work of the long-term gendarmerie copying and writing; 8.

Long-term military fine carving work; 9.

Excessive sexual life; 10.

Crying for a long time, tears; 11.

There is too much bleeding in the head injury, especially the acupuncture points on the head that are forbidden to bleed, and the blood is accidentally released;

Chasing the beast against the wind and sand.

  Eye care method 1

Before waking up and squinting every day, sit cross-legged, breathe slowly, close your eyes and turn your eyes around 14 or 81 times, close for a while, and suddenly open your eyes.

Can raise the eye, remove cataracts, sputum and other diseases.


In ancient times, there was another method called “eyes”. When you were in the fifth year, you closed your eyes and looked at each other. There was a small person in each of the eyes, three inches tall and standing in black. The little man was called “eyes”.
This is often seen in this way, known as “condensing the gods with light inside the eye”, can raise the eye and improve vision.

  During my long years of practicing medicine, I was very well-known to observe the “Shenguang” in the eyes of patients. What exactly is “Shenguang”?

My experience is “concentrating”, the eyes of the gathering, the focus can be fixed at a point, no matter how the eyeball rotates, the “concentrating point” will quickly rotate through the eyeball, if the “concentrating point” can not move flexiblyThat is “sluggish”.

Regardless of the disease, how long does it take, as long as there is a “light” in the eye, the disease may be relieved or even cured.

On the contrary, it is certainly not possible to support the year.

  The ear and the ear are called “the listener”, which refers to the function of the ear and is responsible for collecting and judging the “sound heard”.

Chinese medicine believes: “The ear, the official of the kidney also.

“The kidneys pass through the ear, and the kidneys can smell the five notes.”

“The ear is the gathering of the ancestors.””Twelve meridians, three hundred and sixty-five collaterals, and their blood gas are all on the surface and go empty. They don’t want to go to the ear and listen.”

In fact, it is not only our ancestors that the ear and the internal organs are found in the world. P.Nogier, a French medical doctor, conducted a comparative study on the auricle. As early as 1957, he published a shape like a reversal.A complete auricular map of the void and more than 40 ear acupoints.

Through these acupoint maps, we can grind and have multiple isolated auditory organs in the ear. It is closely related to the internal organs, especially the innate nature of kidney medicine, which has a strong relationship with the kidney.Weak and directly affect the length of life.

Therefore, the strength of the ear’s hearing is related to the abundance of the kidney.

There is also a view that the ear is the main brain and the heart is the heart, the head of the human heart, the human kidney is strong, the ear is clear, the kidney is weak and the ear is faint and turbid.

The ear has no size, it needs to be clearly defined, the beads are attached to the meat, the color is bright and rosy, the ear is wide, the ear is red and strong, and the ear is tall and long. Such a person is a long-lived person.

The form of the ear is divided into 16 types in “The Negative Eyes”.

We only find the arguments related to life from the observations of the ancients for the reader’s reference.

  The longevity is too eyebrows.

  Excerpted from “The Complete Works of God?”

Zhang Xing Jian Ren Lun Datong Fu” Note: Longevity people, ears are higher than eyebrows.

  The ears are thick and strong, and they are long and long.

Ears and hairs, life.

The ear has a hair, longevity and wealth.

  Excerpted from “The Complete Works of God?”

Note to the ear: The ear is thick and firm, tall and tall, is the life of the soul, the outline of the ear produces hair, the hair in the ear, longevity.

  The ear is wide, strong and long, and the people of your life.

The ear is big and shoulders, big and long life.

High bones behind the ears, longevity.

The ear is born, longevity Jichang.

Big ears in the ears, longevity.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

Comments on the Ear: The ear is wide, the ear is thick and tall, and even the earlobe is so large that it can be lowered onto the shoulder. The bone behind the ear rises, the hair is born in the ear, or the person with big sores in the ear is longevity.Child.

  Tips for raising ear protection method 1.

Heat your hands, cover your ears, put your fingers behind your head, press your middle finger with your index finger, and point your finger at the bones behind your head. At this time, you can hear the sound like a drum, and hit 49 times., continuous, so that the spirit can not gather, to enhance the role of hearing and kidney.


Ming Jie, a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty, treats tinnitus. The method of violent tempering is to use the middle finger of both hands to gently overcome it in the ear technique, and then gently press it with the pressure on the ear hole. This can guide the fine gas to reach the ear and do it several times a day.
  I often meet people asking: Is the ear soft, or is the ear hard?

I have touched hundreds of thousands of ears in clinical practice. My experience in transforming from a healthy perspective is that people with hard ears are not as long-lived as soft-eared people, and they are seriously ill, such as cancer, kidney failure, high blood pressure,People with strokes and other diseases have hard ears, and they are soft. They will gradually harden after getting sick.

So it is necessary to rub your ears and keep your softness.

  The nose and the nose are called “examining officers”, which means taking on the work of distinguishing the smell.

The nose should be full of rhinoplasty, straight and fleshy, straight and not skewed, not too thick, not up, both sides facing the arch, this is the interpretation of official.

The nose is the pillar of the human face and the seedling of the lungs.

The ancients called it “Mingtang.”

There are 曰: “The five colors are seen in Mingtang, to observe the five internal organs”, “the pulse is out of the mouth, the color is seen in the Mingtang”. These views all indicate that if the five organs are possible, the dirty disease will be revealed, by observing the nose.The change in color can tell you what the disease is.

The nose is in the center of the face, the center is the soil, and the earth is raised, so the nose and the organs are related to the digestion and absorption function.

The ancients also pointed out: “Five gas into the nose, hidden in the heart and lungs.

“It can be understood that the nose is closely related to the functional activities of the blood circulation system and the respiratory system.


“Evil visceral disease” said: “Twelve meridians, three hundred and sixty-five collaterals, their blood gas is on the surface and go empty. Its qi is stinky from the nose.”The famous doctor of the Yuan Dynasty, Dou Jie, is in the position of “The Sore Whole Book”: “In the nose, it is a bloody body, and the nostrils are the lungs. The gas passes through the brain and goes down to the lungs.”

If the lungs are clear, the blood and blood flow, all diseases are not born; the lungs are full, and there are blocks, and the diseases are sputum.

The ancients used three lines and 23 acupuncture points to observe and treat diseases.

The ancients also had detailed observations on the nose of the longevity.

  The nose is human, and the desire is rich and harmonious.

The name of the person who lives, is not high.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

Note on the Three Talents: The nose is on the surface, called the “human”. The nose is full and correct. It is called someone. Some people live long, but they should be combined with other parts of the face. If other parts collapse, only the nose is high.It’s not a good luck.

  The nose is high and the beam is the main life.

The nose has a bone, the life phase.

  Excerpted from “The Complete Works of God?”

Note: The nose must have a bridge of the nose, it is the longevity phase, the nose should be vertical and bone, the nose bone can not collapse, this is the life phase.

  The upright person on the mountain root, the Lord Fushou.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

Shou Xiangge Note: The mountain root refers to the upper part of the nose. Between the two eyebrows, this part is straight, straight and tall, and can live longer.

  Tongbi Yiqi Yangyuan Method 1.

Sit back and stretch your legs, hold your breath (about three times of breathing), twist your nostrils, and treat your nose.

Use both hands to lick the sides of the bridge of the nose, 20?
30 times, I feel that I am getting hot from the skin to the inside. When doing this, my eyes should look at the soles of my feet.

This can clear the lungs and lungs, as long as you persist in exercise, you can prolong life.

  I am clinically, paying great attention to observing the patient’s nose. First of all, if the person with the nose is not correct, the person with the nose is skewed, it is definitely not breathing well; if it is only the nose, then which side will be hurt.

Anyone who has raised a dog knows that when a dog’s nose is dry, it will get sick; mothers who often breastfeed their babies know that when the baby sucks, the air in the nose is dry and hot, hePeople who have been ill will know that when the patient’s nose collapses and sticks to the nostrils, and only sees the air intake, when he does not see the gas, he will be smashed.

These are the experiences we use to judge the health by observing the nose.

  Neck and neck: The front is the neck and the back is the item.

Renmai is in the middle of the front, and the whole is yin; the governor is in the middle of the back, and the tyranny.

The hands and feet of Sanyang are parallel to both ends, so they are closely related to the organs.

There are six yang passages on the neck, and the water valley diet passes through it to the stomach. Therefore, the neck is called the “dongliang” because it supports the person’s head and is the “dong”, and the activities of the limbs are under the guidance.”Liang”.

The neck of a fat person should be short, and the neck of a thin person should be long.

  There is a skin behind the neck, such as the main life.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Shen?”

Comment on the neck of the neck: in the back of the neck called the neck.

A wrinkled skin or two wrinkled skin like satin behind the neck can live longer.

  Tips Neck care element method After getting up in the morning, sit back in a steady inhalation, first press the hot hand on the neck, try to raise the face up, hold your neck and do 3?
4 times, can make people fine and bloody, not affected by the cold.

  Among the people and the Shougu people, it is necessary to see the people. Among the people, between the nose and the upper lip, in the nasolabial fold, the person is also called the ditch.

Chinese medicine believes that people should be spleen and stomach, and should be under the bladder.

It is the hand, the foot Yang Ming Jing and the Du Meridian meeting, the Governor also leads the Zhu Yang Jing, so it is closely related to Zhu Yang.

  People are deep and long, longevity.

The person who is squatting is prosperous.

The middle of the person is long, to the old Jichang.
It has both a long life and a better life.

  Excerpted from “The Complete Works of God?”
Notes on People’s Theory: This localized, long-standing person can live longer and be more descendants.

Those who are shallow and cleft are predicting early death.

People are related to the qi and blood of the whole body, so the length of the person can determine the length of life, and the width of the person can determine the strength of reproduction.

  People who are in the middle of the tooth, Fushou.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

“Shou Xiangge” Note: This part of the person should be able to grow to the level of the teeth, and the people with neat teeth can live longer.

  Why do people have to grow up?

In the person between the upper lip and the nasal root, the wider the position, the better the development of the gums.

People with strong teeth biting, appetite is open, life is of course long, and people are the intersection of Renmai and Dumai, Renmai leads the whole body’s yin blood, and the governor leads the body’s yang.

The person is in the real, is the yin and yang qi and blood meeting.

Its relationship with longevity, of course, is self-evident.

  The tip of the person is an important acupuncture point on the human body. Use the index finger and thumb to clamp the person’s middle hole from both sides, and squeeze it briskly to the middle. The teeth are unwavering and beneficial.

  Existing prescription: 30 grams of raw rhubarb, 30 grams of cooked rhubarb, 30 grams of raw gypsum, 30 grams of plaster, 30 grams of broken bones, 30 grams of Eucommia, 30 grams of green salt, 30 grams of salt, 15 grams of staff, 15 staffGram, it is 15 grams.

All the above medicines are ground into fine powder. In the morning, use these fine powder to wipe the gums first, then wash your face. After washing your face, rinse your mouth with cold water. If you have toothpaste, brush your teeth with toothpaste.

This formula is provided to the elderly who have no teeth, and rubbing the gums with this fine medicine every day can prevent the gums from shrinking.

Atrophy of the gums not only causes pouting, affects the appearance, but also leads to loss of appetite, affects appetite, and bad appetite. Where can we talk about longevity?

  Chest and back and chest “above the chest, the heart and lungs are also; between the ribs, the liver and gallbladder parts; the husband back, the chest in the house; where the line is the governor’s line, the sun is next to it.

“It is said that in the thorax, there is a heart and lungs on the upper side, and the liver and gallbladder are on both sides.”

The back is the contour of the city, the Du Meridian passes through the center, and the Sun’s bladder runs along both sides.

The chest is called the thorax, which refers to the part above the waist and below the neck. It is mainly composed of the chest, ribs and muscle tissue.

The normal person’s chest contour is bilaterally symmetrical, and is in the shape of a coaxial barrel, and the left and right sides are larger than the front and rear.

People support the body by the back of the chest, so observing the fullness or collapse of the chest back can grind the strength of the visceral qi and blood. The ancients believed that people with ridges and pits would not live longer.

  The back is as thick as a group, rich and long.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

On the back note: The shape of the back is like a long dough.

  The back of the top three, expensive and longevity.

  Excerpted from “The Complete Works of God?”

On the back of the note: the ancients will be divided into three levels, also known as the top three, the back of the brain called “Jade Pillow”, the ridge called “Yuanguan”, the tail vertebrae to the genitals called “tail off”, these three levels of fleshy plumpThere is no depression for longevity.

  The chest is wide and the life is long.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

Shou Xiangge Note: Dark long and thick people live longevity.

The ancients believed that the chest is the organ that has everything in place, and it is the court of God, so it should be broad, broad, and broad.

If the chest is wide, it can be hidden and strong. If it is shallow and narrow, it will be uneasy and there is no shelter. Then judge the peace of God and determine the life.

  Waist, umbilical, abdomen and Shougu people believe that the umbilical cord is the root of the whole body muscles, Liu Wei (the stomach is the spleen, the gallbladder is the liver, the large intestine is the lung, the small intestine is the heart, the bladder is the kidney,The general manager of the Sanjiao is the heart of the pericardium. The function of the Liuyi transport can be analyzed by observing the shape of the navel.

  The umbilical width is large and the life is large.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

On the navel note: people with deep and wide navel eyes and facing upwards (above) have longevity and a large volume.

  My clinical experience is: to judge the health of the baby, must look at his navel, the belly button is deep, big, color brown baby, healthy and disease-free, can eat, can pull, can play, can sleep.If the indigestion baby inflates the abdomen, he will spit milk, cry, and restless.

If it is a sudden onset of the navel, you can use the drug for digestion and ventilation; if it is a sudden onset of the navel, you can use the drug for digestion and ventilation. If the navel is soft and collapsed, the inflated gas in the abdomen cannot be used for ventilation.The method should be qi and digestion.
This is the experience of guiding the treatment by observing the navel of the six-legged air.

  Adults’ navel eyes will also undergo morphological changes due to changes in internal organs. For example, people with chronic hepatobiliary diseases will have a navel to the liver and gallbladder.

For those who have intestinal adhesions, the navel eyes will be skewed toward the adhesion direction.

For those who have had surgery on their stomachs, the belly button will be skewed toward the scar.

The middle-aged man’s belly button is deep, and as he grows older, the older he will become shallower. If the old belly button is still deep and large, then he must be healthy.

Therefore, it is better to press your own belly button to improve your health.

In clinical practice, I often use traditional Chinese medicine to make cakes according to the patient’s condition, and put them on the belly button to use Ai smoked to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

  The ancients believed that the waist is the back of the abdomen, just as the stability of the object depends on whether the mountain on which it rests is safe. The rise and fall of the internal organs of the abdomen depends on whether the waist is strong and firm.

If the waist is flat and square, the kidney should be firm and thick.

  The waist is hard and straight, and it is rich and rich.

  Excerpted from “Tai Yi Zhao Ning?”

On the waist” Note: The waist is tough, and the person with a straight square is longevity.

  I have found in the clinic that judging the strength of a person’s waist and kidney, just look at the heel on the patient’s foot to know that the degree of wear on the heel reveals information about the health of the kidneys: a shoe is very worn.A shoe is lightly worn, indicating that he has uneven distribution of gravity while walking.

Why is the distribution uneven?

Because the side of the pectoral muscles are weak, can not pull the muscles of the thighs, of course, the feet will be unable to land, the shoes will wear small.

On the other side, because the lumbar muscles are normal, the other side of the foot walks more friction than the opposite side, so the wear of the heel is larger than the opposite side.

  Editor’s Note: Due to the difference between congenital inheritance and acquired exercise maintenance, the difference between people’s health status and even the length of life is objective. This difference is often revealed by some external people. These characteristics greatly affect life.
The reader is particularly reminded here that these views of the ancients merely indicate a trend, or a possibility, and may not be an inevitable factor.

The development of any thing is full of turning points, and the fundamental externality of turning things is the environment, the possibility, especially the social conditions.

Internally, it is subjective effort.

If you regard the observations of the ancients as inevitably, it is likely to surround the mire of fatalism and not extricate themselves.

Don’t be careless!

The human form and posture are gradient in life. Paying attention to observing your own appearance, constantly examining your own health and actively training and maintaining is the significance of our topic.

The ear reveals the longevity secret. Does your ear have a longevity sign?

The ear reveals the longevity secret. Does your ear have a longevity sign?

The life span of a person is divided into lengths and lengths, but the ears are divided into small and small, but some people can associate a pair and think that people with large ears have a longer life.

Is it nonsense, or is it justified?

In the end, this statement is not right. We do not hinder to take a look at the analysis of experts.

  Ears and longevity do have a certain relationship. The people have always regarded the ears as a symbol of blessing and longevity.

Modern medical observations show that ear and longevity do have a certain relationship.

  The ear is an auditory organ that can accurately hear the outside world, and is also a balanced organ. The vestibular analyzer of the inner ear controls the body balance.

  The motherland medicine believes that: “The kidney is mainly stored in the ear, and it is open to the ear.” Many diseases of the human body cause the ear to send out signals, and people with deafness, tinnitus, and arteriosclerosis often suffer from deafness.

The ear is also related to life, the ear is not wrinkled, the person with good hearing has a long life, the ear is wrinkled, and the person with poor hearing has a short life.

  The long life of the ear can be explained from two aspects. For adults, the life of a person with a large ear may be somewhat. The expression of “blessed ears” is popular in China, North Korea, Japan and other Asian countries, as well as Western countries such as Europe and the United States.
For example, in ancient English, the ear is the meaning of “noble”.

One of the “blessings” of Buddha Sakyamuni is also “ears down the shoulders.”

  Medical workers measured 256 elderly people aged 60-90 and 344 elderly people aged 90-104. The results showed that the length of the long-lived elderly group was male.

13 cm, female 6.

89 cm; 60-69 years old group ear length is higher than male 6.

93 cm, female 6.

50 cm.

Obviously, the length of the long-lived elderly group is longer than that of the previous group, and the length of the ear in the long-lived elderly group is extended to 8.

8 cm.

Therefore, some experts believe that the long and large auricle is one of the characteristics of the elderly with longevity.

  People often associate their ears with their longevity and can explain them in two ways.


The ear is strong and the kidney is healthy.

  The ancients believed that the kidney was open to the ear, so the ear is a sign of kidney health, and the kidney is full of life. Therefore, it is important to protect the kidney for longevity and health.


The ear of the longevity grows large.

  Modern research believes that, like other mammals, although the growth of the whole body and internal organs ceases in adulthood, the ear is the only exception. It has been growing up for the rest of its life, with an average of 1 per 10 years.


2 mm.

Although the rate of growth is not obvious, it is indeed growing, which has something to do with the organs of the body.

As the length of the auricle lengthens and the age grows longer, the ears of the elderly are indeed larger than the younger ones.

From this point of view, the longevity is not the ear that has a long life, and even the longevity of the ear grows large.

Hot ginger blisters reduce migraine in the elderly

Hot ginger blisters reduce migraine in the elderly

Is there any good way to treat old people with headaches?

Headaches are always uncomfortable and will affect normal life. At this time, you can use hot ginger water to soak your hands, which can alleviate the symptoms of headache.

  Headaches are mainly caused by internal and external carotid and other cerebral vasomotor dysfunction, congestion and expansion, and compression of nerves.

Therefore, reducing blood vessel congestion in the brain can play a mitigating role.

You can take a washbasin, pour warm water, the water temperature should not be too hot, then completely soak your hands and wrists in the water for about half an hour. During the soaking process, you should add hot water to ensure the water temperature. You can dilate the blood vessels by hand, blood vessels in the brain.The blood flow is correspondingly reduced, which gradually reduces the headache, especially for migraine.

If conditions permit, you can also add a few slices of ginger to the hot water to stimulate blood vessel expansion and speed up blood circulation.

If you have a stubborn headache, it is recommended to stick to this method for a long time, 2-3 times a day, half an hour each time.

When it is not suitable for soaking hands, you can also use a hot water bottle to warm your hands and also withstand certain relief effects.

  In addition to often using warm water to soak hands, people with headaches should also maintain an optimistic attitude, avoid cheese, coffee, chocolate, preserved food, pay attention to avoid the cold, avoid dazzling sunlight.

It is best to rest in bed when you have a headache, to avoid noise and to ensure sleep.

If you have a long-term headache, it is recommended to go to the hospital.

How big is the risk of allergic purpura?

5 clinical symptoms of allergic purpura

How big is the risk of allergic purpura?
5 clinical symptoms of allergic purpura

Some patients want to know that after suffering from allergic purpura, I don’t need to go to the hospital if I don’t touch the food that causes me allergies. Can my allergic purpura be cured by myself?

How big is the risk of allergic purpura!

You may not know, let’s take a look at the hazards and clinical symptoms of allergic purpura.

Hazard of allergic purpura 1, repeated attacks, allergic purpura may cause complications such as dialysis, nephritis, arthritis, etc., manifested as symptoms such as abdominal pain, urinary occult blood or urine protein, joint pain, etc.; 2Repeated episodes of cyanosis occur repeatedly, giving people a kind of ideological pressure, can not be cured with certain diseases, losing confidence in treatment, delaying the timing of treatment, which is the harm of allergic purpura; 3, the doctor told them ifCan not be cured, may get kidney disease uremia, which is of course a fact, but it also aggravates the psychological burden of patients, resulting in illness and medical treatment, can not be scientific diagnosis and treatment, but harm the patient, which is also the harm of allergic purpura; 4The harm of allergic purpura is that doctors have no way or rush to control the disease, and a large number of hormone treatment or abuse of hormones, resulting in significant hormone replacement, causing great pain to patients, such as hirsutism, obesity, femoral headNecrosis, full moon face and other issues, there will be serious problems of the immune system, causing endless despair and pain to the patient.

5, the prevention of harm to the patient by purpura, and the condition may be aggravated in winter.

Purpura must pay attention to prevent colds and do not use antibiotics.

Patients should establish a scientific concept of treatment, go to the hospital as soon as possible, and also take care in daily life, in order to have a good therapeutic effect and restore healthy skin.

Clinical symptoms of allergic purpura (1) Acute purpura nephritis syndrome Acute purpura nephritis syndrome mainly manifests as hematuria, proteinuria, edema and hypertension, and the onset is more urgent.

(2) rapid progressive purpuric nephritis rapid progressive purpuric nephritis onset, early oliguria or no urine, progressive renal impairment, rapid progressive nephritis, worsening of the disease, often died in a short time in renal functioncollapse.

(3) Light purpuric nephritis Light purpuric nephritis manifests as asymptomatic hematuria, proteinuria, edema, hypertension or renal dysfunction.

(4) Chronic purpuric nephritis syndrome Chronic purpuric nephritis syndrome has a slow onset, and the renal lesions persist after skin changes, often with varying degrees of renal dysfunction, pathological changes with diffuse proliferative changes, may be associated with crescentFormation or glomerular sclerosis.

(5) purpura nephrotic syndrome purpura nephrotic syndrome is mainly accompanied by renal dysfunction, glomerular lesions, often accompanied by varying degrees of crescent formation.

The crescentic body is a crescentic epithelial cell of the glomerular wall of the glomerulus, which accumulates in layers and forms crescent-shaped bodies around the capillary plexus.

Tips: When you find that there are 5 temporary symptoms, you should actively go to the hospital for treatment, balance nutrition, pay attention to rest, and maintain a good mood.

Note: What are the symptoms of Ureaplasma urealyticum infection?

Note: What are the symptoms of Ureaplasma urealyticum infection?

After men have had sexual contact with Ureaplasma urealyticum, after 1-3 weeks of incubation, they show symptoms of urethritis. Most of them are symptoms of anterior urethritis, such as urethral redness and urethral tingling., urinary tract itching, etc.; after 3-7 days, it will turn into symptoms of posterior urethritis, at this time there are frequent urination, urgency, secretions in the urethra; individual patients may have no other symptoms, justThere is a secretion of urethral orifice; or there is redness and swelling of the urethra, no other symptoms and so on.

At this time, most of the symptoms of mycoplasma urethra inflammation, usually at this time, after treatment with diuretic anti-inflammatory pills for one month.

It can quickly kill Ureaplasma urealyticum, Chlamydia and various bacterial viruses.

If it is not corrected or the treatment is not timely, it will continue to spread, infecting the genitourinary tract of the prostate, testis, bladder, etc., and inflammatory infection of the genitourinary tract.

For patients with long-term infection of Ureaplasma urealyticum, individuals with poor physical constitution, male infertility may occur. This infertility is mainly manifested in inflammatory oligozoospermia, weak sperm, sperm liquefaction and so on.

In the case of inflammatory secretions, the vas deferens insertional infertility will occur. If the insulin pill is accumulated, which affects the spermatogenesis and secretory hormones of the insulin pill, endocrine disorders will occur.