[How do you know the eggs are cooked? _How do you know the eggs are cooked]

[How do you know the eggs are cooked? _How do you know the eggs are cooked]

Everyone can cook eggs, but very few can be boiled. How do you know if the eggs are cooked? How do you know that the eggs are cooked? 3 minutes of eggs are slightly boiled, which is most easily digested, about 1 hour and 30 minutesMinute eggs are half-boiled eggs. The digestion time is about 2 hours in the human body. The eggs are boiled for too long and the body digests for 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The 5-minute egg is not only soft but also soft. The egg has a rich flavor and is good for human nutrition.

Method 1 to determine whether the eggs are cooked: As long as you use the chopsticks to clamp the eggs, if the eggs can be smoothly removed from the water, it means that the eggs are already cooked.

If you ca n’t add it anymore, and the egg slides off the chopsticks, it means that the egg is not cooked.

If the egg can be clipped with more effort, it is a sweetheart egg!

Is it particularly simple?

With this simple little method, you can cook the eggs you want, which is very convenient!

Try it!

Method 2 to distinguish whether the eggs are cooked. Rotating: Raw eggs cannot be rotated; cooked eggs can be rotated.

Method 3 to determine whether the eggs are cooked. Shake: Raw eggs are shaken; cooked eggs are not.

Method for distinguishing whether the eggs are cooked 4. Appearance: There are stains on the surface of the raw eggs (the eggs that the chicken just gave birth are wet); the cooked eggs are relatively clean.

Method for distinguishing whether the eggs are cooked Five, light: Raw eggs are transparent to sunlight; cooked eggs are not.

Method 6 to determine whether the eggs are cooked or not. Temperature: Raw eggs are touched (continuously) by hand with a lower temperature than cooked eggs.

2 Tips for Boiled Eggs (1) Anti-cracking method for boiled eggs.

Put the eggs in a cold water pot and slowly boil over low heat so that the eggs will not crack.

If it is boiled in hot water, the eggs should be soaked in cold water for a while before they are placed in the pot, or rinsed under running water, or even boiled on high fire, and the eggs will not crack.

Tips for Boiled Eggs (2) How to cook cracked eggs.

For cracked eggs, put some salt in the pan first. Salt has a solidifying effect on the protein and can prevent protein replacement.

If the eggshell breaks, add a bit of vinegar immediately to prevent protein replacement.

Hudian shares (002463): Q1 continues a good trend, trying to grow steadily in the 5G era

Hudian shares (002463): Q1 continues a good trend, trying to grow steadily in the 5G era

Event: The company released the first quarter report of 2019: Reported significant 杭州夜网论坛 revenue13.

60,000 yuan, an annual increase of 16.

6%; net operating cash flow1.

77 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 61.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

6 billion, an annual increase of 131.

5%; deduct non-attributed net profit 1.

4.9 billion, an annual increase of 155.


The performance is close to the upper limit of the company’s notice interval.

Investment points: Q1 continues to grow and profitability continues to improve. The company’s 2019 Q1 has continued to grow well since 2018. With the steady increase in revenue, profitability has further improved, of which Q1 gross margin was 25.

9%, an increase of 8% from the previous year.

3 points and 1.

1pct; Q1 net margin is 11.

9%, an increase of 5% each year and month-on-month.

92pct and 0.

6 points.

The continuous improvement of the gross profit margin is due to the company’s high production capacity, the company’s own product structure has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of high-end PCB products that integrate corporate communications and automotive has gradually increased.

In addition, the Yellowstone Plant has turned losses into profit in 2018 (as disclosed in the annual report), and is expected to bring stable profit contributions in 2019.

The 5G era is expected to grow steadily. We believe that the construction of 5G substrates and the increase in the degree of automotive electronics will be gradually realized. The high-frequency and high-speed PCB will increase in volume and price on the front of the company.And other advantages, will fully benefit in the future, is expected to enter a stable profit track in the 5G era.

At the same time, the company has started the capacity planning and construction (second phase) of the Huangshi Plant’s auto sheet line, which is expected to be put 杭州桑拿 into production at the end of 2019, which will help increase the scale of revenue and increase the flexibility of performance.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

42 yuan, 0.

52 yuan and 0.

65 yuan (according to the latest financial report), the corresponding PE is 31 times, 25 times and 20 times respectively, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risks suggest that the advancement of 5G construction has fallen short of expectations, intensified competition has led to the risk of product price drops, and the progress of capacity expansion has fallen short of expectations.

[Can licorice slices be eaten by children]_ licorice slices _ can you eat _ can you eat

鐢樿崏鏄瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑涓嵂锛屽畠鐨勫姛鏁堜富瑕侀€傜敤浜庢劅鍐掑挸鍡斤紝浣嗘槸鍦ㄨ繘琛屾湇鐢ㄧ殑鏃跺€欙紝涔熼渶瑕佷簡瑙d竴浜涚蹇屼簨椤癸紝寰堝灏忓瀛愮殑鎶垫姉鍔涢兘姣旇緝寮憋紝涔熷緢瀹规槗鍑虹幇鎰熷啋鐨勬儏鍐碉紝鎵€浠ヨ寰堝瀹堕暱閮借涓哄瀛愬彲浠ユ湇鐢ㄧ敇鑽夊幓杩涜娌荤枟锛岄偅涔堢敇鑽夌墖灏忓鑳藉悆鍚楋紵 瀵逛簬鐢樿崏鐗囧皬瀛╄兘鍚冨悧锛熷鏂圭敇鑽夌墖灞炰簬榛忚啘淇濇姢鎬ч晣鍜宠嵂锛岄€傜敤浜庢棤鍚堝苟鐥囩殑骞插挸銆傜敇鑽夌墖姝㈠挸绁涚棸鐨勬晥鏋滅殑纭槑鏄撅紝浣嗘槸寤鸿瀹濆疂瀹堕暱鍦ㄥ疂瀹濅綆鏈堥緞鐨勬儏鍐典笅涓嶈鏈嶇敤锛岃嚦灏?鍛ㄥ瞾涔嬪悗鍐嶈€冭檻鏈嶇敤銆傝€屼笖鍦ㄦ湇鐢ㄤ箣鍓嶄篃涓€瀹氳閬靛尰鍢憋紝涓嶈兘绉佽嚜鍦ㄥ閲岀粰瀹濆疂鐢ㄨ嵂锛屽摢鎬曟槸灏忓皬鐨勬劅鍐掑鏋滅敤鑽笉褰撲篃鏄細鑰借鐥呮儏寮曞彂鍚堝苟鐥囩殑銆?鍊樿嫢瀛╁瓙鎰熷啋鍜冲椊浜嗭紝瀹堕暱涓嶇敤鎯崇潃鈥滅敇鑽夌墖灏忓鑳藉悆鍚椻€濇潵闀囧挸锛屼簨瀹炰笂锛屽疂瀹濆挸鍡芥槸瀵硅嚜宸辫韩浣撶殑涓€绉嶄繚鎶わ紝鏄兂缂撹В鍜藉枆閮ㄤ笉閫傜殑鏂瑰紡锛屼篃鏄帓鐥扮殑涓€绉嶆柟寮忥紝涓€鑸瀛愭劅鍐掍箣鍚庣壒鍒鏄撳紩璧峰挸鍡斤紝濡傛灉鏈夌粏鑿屾劅鍐掔殑璇濓紝鍙互鑰冭檻娑堢値锛岃€屼笉鏄€ョ潃闀囦綇瀹濆疂鐨勫挸鍡姐€?What are you going to do? You’re in trouble? How about you?鐗囪兘澶熸姂鍒跺挸鍡藉弽灏勪腑鏋€傚彟澶栫敇鑽夋祦娴歌啅涓轰繚鎶ゆ€ч晣鍜崇鐥板墏;闃?鐗囩矇鏈夎緝寮虹殑闀囧挸浣滅敤;妯熻剳鍙婂叓瑙掕尨棣欐补鑳藉埡婵€鏀皵绠¢粡鑶滐紝鍙嶅皠鎬у湴澧炲姞鑵轰綋鍒嗘硨锛岀█閲婄棸娑诧紝浣跨棸鏄撲簬鍜冲嚭;鑻敳閰搁挔涓洪槻鑵愬墏锛屼笂杩版垚浠界粍鎴愬What is the difference between the chains and the celebrities?

Dongmu (600114): Powder metallurgical faucet is ready for growth

Dongmu (600114): Powder metallurgical faucet is ready for growth

The domestic powder metallurgy leader is ready for restructuring. Dongmu Co., Ltd., as a powder metallurgy leader, is expected to grow in the future. In 2018Q1-3, the domestic market share is about 28%. The company’s organizational structure is independent, and the dividend rate for 10-18 years will remain about 50%.

The company has been cultivating powder metallurgy for many years. Its advantages in research and development, technology, technology, and market have created excellent product performance and significant cost advantages.

With the company’s market development in automotive and home appliance powder metallurgy, as well as soft magnetic products, the company continues to reduce costs, management and financial expenses, etc., and its market share and profit levels have increased.

We expect the company EPS to be zero in 18-20.



70 yuan, the first coverage given “overweight” rating.

Deep plowing powder metallurgy, precision, high growth, high dividends Dongmu Co., Ltd. Sino-Japanese joint venture, Japan holds 14%, domestic shareholders hold 16%, there is no actual controller.

The company’s organizational structure is independent. As of the first quarter of 2019, three phases of fair incentives have been implemented to stimulate corporate vitality; the company’s dividend rate for 10-18 years has maintained about 50%.

As a domestic leader in powder metallurgy, the company has excellent product quality and significant cost advantages. Its customers are global first-line automotive and home appliance component suppliers, and the market has expanded to realize domestic alternatives.

As the company’s depreciation stall ratio decreases and labor and financial expenses decrease, we expect the profit level in 19-21 to continue to increase.

Powder metallurgy business: Deepen the automotive and home appliance markets. Domestic substitution continues to grow. Powder metallurgy is suitable for refractory metals and small-sized precision structural parts. Global sales in 2017 are about 65 billion US dollars. Japan and Europe lead the world. A few domestic joint ventures have gradually entered into joint ventures.Automotive and high-end home appliance supply system.

As a domestic leader in powder metallurgy, Dongmu Co., Ltd. has a domestic market share of about 28% in 2018Q1-3. Its core products include 北京夜生活网 VVT / VCT, gearboxes, oil pumps and other auto parts, air conditioners and refrigerator compressors. The customers are global first-line automotive and appliance zeroParts supplier.

The company’s powder metallurgy business continued to maintain a high level of profitability, from the company’s structural adjustment to increase the proportion of automotive structural parts; to the company’s independent ratio of raw materials and full-process design, which can absorb the price changes of raw materials; we expect the company to fully play in 19-21Advantages will continue to increase the market share of domestic joint venture brand cars.

Soft magnetic business: The outstanding leader of domestic ferro-silicon soft magnetic materials, actively expanding the application of new energy, communications and other applications. Dongmu Keda’s main military ferro-silicon soft magnetic materials are produced and sold, which is suitable for high-frequency and high-power application scenarios, such asNew energy vehicles and charging piles, air conditioning, power, photovoltaic and other fields.

The output value of crystalline metal magnetic powder core in 2017 was about 200 ‰ (including elements), and the production scale in 12-17 maintained about 20% growth rate.

As one of the domestic ferro-silicon soft magnetic material raw material enterprises, Kodak has an annual output of 3,000 tons of alloy powder production lines, 10 million iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic powder cores, and a production capacity of 200 million iron cores., Solar, communication and other product applications are expected to become the company’s new growth point.

The powder metallurgical industry leader is ready to take off. For the first time, it is given an “overweight” rating.



3.7 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 3.



4.9 billion yuan.

From the perspective of material properties, the company belongs to the powder metallurgy industry. From the perspective of the material application field, it can be classified as a secondary supplier of automotive structural parts.

We refer to the 19-year comparable company Wind ‘s consensus PE median 13X, average 17X, taking into account the company ‘s Japanese background and market structure, stable financial management and high dividend payout ratio, and there is an expected improvement in future profit levels, taking into account the global automobileThe impact of sales fluctuations on the fluctuation of orders, we give 14-16 XPE based on the net profit attributable to the mother for 19 years, with a target price of 7.


48 yuan, for the first time, give “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: sales of automobiles, progress in domestic substitution of powder metallurgy parts, and weaker demand for ferro-silicon soft magnetics.

[Encyclopedia of Hot Drinks]_ making method _ how to make

[Encyclopedia of Hot Drinks]_ making method _ how to make

It’s cold in winter. Drinking a cup of hot drink at this time not only has the effect of keeping cold and warmth, but also has a good effect on regulating the stomach and intestines. There are many ways to drink hot drinks.Functional ingredients, some kind of burdock tea has good health effects. In addition, you can drink caramel soy milk hot drinks in winter to keep your body warm and so on. Let’s take a brief look at this content.

Autumn and winter health hot drink burdock tea material fresh burdock 100g pure natural mineral water method 1000cc1, will buy fresh burdock, first brush the skin clean with a brush, drain the water and chop it for later use.

2. Pour 1000㏄ of water into the pot, add the sliced sirloin, and boil over medium heat until boiled 3, then change to low heat and cook for about 30 minutes before placing 4 to complete the caramel soy milk hot drink material soy beans55g big pudding 1 mung bean 30g caramel sauce amount of water 800cc practice 1, function key rice paste soybeans, mung beans, soak 6?
Wash after 8 hours; cut large pudding into small pieces for later use.

2. Put method 1 and milk into the soymilk maker, add an appropriate amount of water to the top and the middle of the water level, press the rice cereal function key and wait for the beep.

3. Fill the kettle, add caramel sauce, the ice cubes are finished, or you can put them in the refrigerator.

Chocolate hot drink profile is a chocolate thickener without gender.

In this cup, we get the same flavor preparations as love (4 servings): 200 grams of dark chocolate, 500 ml of milk, and 20 ml of liquid cream.

Practice 1.

Use a knife to chop the dark chocolate, pour the milk into a small saucepan, add 10 ml of water, and cook on fire.

Add the chopped chocolate, stir slightly, and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

It was filtered and left to cool.


Add cold whipped cream to the pan and slowly reheat the chocolate without stirring.

Pour into a coffee cup and add a teaspoon of whipped cream or sugar.

Tip: You can add a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract to cook, or add cinnamon powder during the cooking process, you will get another unique flavor

[Can chasing wind fruit cure rheumatism]_ chasing wind fruit _ efficacy _ effect

涓岖煡阆揿ぇ瀹舵槸钖︽湁鍏虫敞开杩架堆积椋庢灉锻椋庢灉环链兼槸姣旇窃槸姣旇枟椋庢箍闂涓婃湁涓€瀹氱殑浣滅敤锛岃€屼笖杩樿兘澶熷府鍔╅櫎婀挎椿琛€姝㈢棝锛屽挨鍏堕€傜敤浜庡叧鑺傜柤鐥涚瓑杩欎簺鐥呯棁銆?涓€銆佽拷椋庢灉鐨勫姛鏁堬細杩介鏋滄渶寮€濮嬫槸涓滃崡浜氬浗瀹剁敓浜х殑锛屽洜涓哄畠灞炰簬浜氱儹甯﹁嵂鐗┿€傚彟澶栨垜浠繕闇€瑕佺煡閬撹繖涓拷椋庢灉灏辨槸鐧姐€佺懚銆佽嫍銆佸綕銆佸偅绛夎繖浜涘皯鏁版皯鏃忕殑鏈€濂界殑鍋忔柟銆傝拷椋庢灉鐨勮嵂鏁堢嫭鐗癸紝璧锋晥閫熷害闈炲父鐨勫揩銆傚湪鍔熸晥涓婅拷椋庢灉鍏锋湁杩介锛屾潃姣掕繕鏈夐櫎婀跨敋鑷虫槸娲昏浠ュ強姝㈢棝鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傛澶栧浜庤拷椋庢灉鐨勮嵂閰掍篃鑳藉蹇€熸笚閫忓埌浜轰滑鐨勭毊涓嬬粍缁囩浉搴旂殑鐥呯伓閲岄潰锛屾潃姝荤浉搴旂殑椋庢箍鍥犲頙 姾 竻 闄 ょ 毊 寊 悑 鍐 呭 嘓 姓 暓 氶 槶 擶 揧 懶 揜 揜 揜 揝 揝 描 湤 湃 湃 湃 綏 湃 綏 湃 綏 湃 繤銆傝裂椋庢灉瀵互璁╀汉浠毊鑲ゅ啀鐢燂紝杩涜€岃蒋鍖栭璐ㄥ鐢燂紝瀵圭浉搴旂殑椋庢箍鍥犲瓙杩樻湁涓€浜涙棤鍚嶇梾姣掔瓑閮借兘澶熷交搴曠殑鏉€姣掋€傝拷椋庢灉涓嶄粎瀵圭毊鑲ょ梾鏈夋晥锛屽浜庡喕鑴氳繕鏈夊喕鎵嬬瓑杩欎簺闂涔熻兘澶熷揩閫熸仮澶嶃€?浜屻€佽拷椋庢灉鐨勪綔鐢細椋庢箍鎬х柧鐥咃紝锛屽洜涓鸿繖绉嶇梾寰堟櫘閬嶃€傝繖绉嶇柧鐥呬镜鐘绉Rugged, sloppy, sloppy, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful岀▼搴︾殑鍏嶇柅鎬х値鐥囨潵璇达紝浼氬鑷翠笉涓€鏍风殑缁勭粐浠ュ強鍣ㄥ畼鍑虹幇鎹熶激锛岀敋鑷充弗閲嶆椂鍊欎細褰卞搷浜轰滑姝e父鍔熻兘鎴栬€呮槸鑷村懡鎹熷銆傚浜庡ぇ澶氭暟椋庢箍鎬х柧鐥呮潵璇达紝鍏宠妭鐐庣棁寰堟櫘閬嶃€傝拷椋庢灉鐨勭濂囧姛鏁堝彲浠ヨВ鍐宠繖涓棶棰樸€?涓夈€佽拷椋庢灉瀵逛汉浣撴潵璇磋兘澶熻捣鍒扮紦瑙g棁鐘朵互鍙婃敼鍠勭浉搴旂殑鐥呮儏浣滅敤锛屼笌姝ゅ悓鏃惰繕鑳借捣鍒版仮澶嶇梾鎯呯殑鍔熻兘锛岃繘鑰屾彁楂樼敓娲昏川閲忥紝鏈€缁堝欢缁偅鑰呯敓鍛姐€傚彟澶栵紝澶ч儴鍒嗛婀挎€х柧鐥呴兘鏄笉鑳藉交搴曟牴娌荤殑锛屽洜姝ら暱鏃堕棿鍧氭寔娌荤枟鏄叧閿€?

State Coal Industry (600188) 2019 Semi-annual Report Comment: The net profit increased greatly and it is planned to distribute a cash dividend of 49.

1.2 billion

State Coal Industry (600188) 2019 Semi-annual Report Comment: The net profit increased greatly and it is planned to distribute a cash dividend of 49.

1.2 billion

The state coal industry released the semi-annual report for 2019: the company achieved operating income of 1,059 in the first half of 2019.

7.6 billion, an annual growth of 38.

88%; net profit attributable to mother 53.

61 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

49%; basic return 1.

09 yuan.

The company’s board of directors recommended the payment of an interim cash dividend of RMB 49 for 2019.

1.2 billion.

The production and sales of self-produced coal declined, and the sales of trade coal increased.

Commercial coal production in the first half of 2019 was 4,699 per year, a decrease of 3.

1%; of which domestic commercial coal production decreases by 7 per year.

96%, Australia’s commercial coal production increases by 3 per year.


Coal sales are estimated at 5529, a reduction of 0 each year.

4%; of which self-produced coal sales are reduced by 5 per year.

65%; 青岛夜网 trade coal increases by 31 each year.


Relative to the increase in average cost, the gross profit of self-produced tons of coal increased.

The average coal formaldehyde in the first half of 2019 was 564.

68 yuan / ton, an increase of 4 in ten years.

72%; average cost per ton of coal is 319.

58 yuan / ton, an increase of 12 in ten years.


The gross profit per ton of commercial coal was 245.

10 yuan / ton, excluding 4 for the time being.

24%; of which self-produced coal gross profit of 293 tons of coal.

41 yuan / ton, an increase of 2 per year.

31%; gross profit from trading coal ton 19.

76 yuan / ton, excluding 41 for the time being.


Significant progress has been made in the mine operation procedures, and the output of Shaanxi and Mongolian mining areas may resume growth in the second half of the year.

Yingpanyu Coal Mine was approved by the Development and Reform Commission in July 2019; Shilausu Coal Mine was approved by a mining right license in May 2019 and was approved by a joint trial operation in July 2019; Zhuanlongwan Coal Mine’s production capacity in January 2019Increased from 500 nuclei to 1,000 digits per year.

Management expenses, financial expenses and income tax expenses have decreased year by year, increasing the company’s net profit.

In the first half of 2019, the management expenses decreased by 37 every year.

12%, mainly due to the one-time provision of social insurance premiums for the same period in 201810.

1.6 billion.Financial costs have fallen significantly by 30 per year.

13%, mainly due to the decrease in interest expenses and exchange losses.

Income tax expenses fell sharply37.

03%, mainly due to the reported application for Yancoal Australia’s confirmation of the acquisition of United Coal for the deferred tax impact of the expenses reduced by 10.

5.4 billion.

Proposed large dividends: 49 in the medium term.

12 trillion, or 10 yuan for every 10 shares, corresponds to a dividend rate of 10 on August 30 closing price.


Annual and secondary dividends totaled 75.

At 645 trillion, the dividend yield corresponding to the closing price on August 30 was as high as 16.


Investment strategy: It is expected that the company will achieve net profit attributable to mothers 96–2021 respectively.

7.3 billion, 91.

1.2 billion, 93.

02 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.

97 yuan, 1.

86 yuan, 1.

89 yuan, PE corresponding to the closing price on August 30 were 4 respectively.

9X, 5.

2X, 5.

1x, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”.

Risk reminders: Stall economic growth, risk of policy estimation, sharp decline in international coal prices, and changes in the RMB exchange rate

[Efficacy of orange peel ginger soaking in water]_Benefit_Drinking method

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Xinbao shares (002705) 2019 third quarterly report review: domestic brand business explosiveness surpasses expectations

Xinbao shares (002705) 2019 third quarterly report review: domestic brand business explosiveness surpasses expectations

Event: Xinbao issued the third quarter report of 2019, and achieved total operating income of 68 in the first three quarters of 2019.

3 ‰, one year +9.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

2 ‰, +44 per year.


Among them, the total operating income for a single quarter in 19Q3 was 27.

800 million, ten years +11.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

780,000 yuan, +26 a year.


The company’s revenue growth rate in 19Q3 increased slightly from the previous quarter. The profit growth rate in the single quarter of 19Q3 was much higher than revenue, and the profit elasticity was better than market expectations.

Opinion: Revenue analysis: Benefits of replenishment for export sales continue to increase, and accelerated growth of domestic sales is greater than expected. Benefits of replenishment for export sales continue to grow.

Since 2017H2, fluctuations in exchange rates have increased, uncertain factors such as trade tariffs have increased, orders from overseas customers have decreased, and company orders have also been compromised, resulting in low fluctuations in export revenue growth.

Due to the next severe shortage in the previous period, overseas customers’ inventory replenishment, and replenishment demand during peak seasons were clear. Therefore, the company’s export order interval growth rate resumed to about 10% from 19Q2, and continued to maintain in 19Q3, and the company’s revenue growth rate rebounded.

Mofei Dongling Super expects a high increase, and the domestic brand’s explosiveness surpasses expectations.

The domestic sales revenue of the company in H1 2019 will increase by 29% annually, and the growth rate of domestic sales revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 will increase to 40%.

In 19Q3, the growth of Mofei further accelerated, and its single-quarter revenue is expected to exceed 200 million. The cumulative revenue in the first three quarters has exceeded 400 million (18 years).

500 million).

In addition, after the brand and product upgrade based on the external environment, Dongling achieved immediate results, and the single-quarter revenue resumed growth.

Revenue prospects: Under the tide of social e-commerce, the domestic brand business expectation continues to exceed expectations. The company ‘s biggest quarterly report in the third quarter is the rapid growth of domestic brands. The core reasons are: 1) Social e-commerce dividends are much higher than expected, and the impact of social e-commerce is small.The consumption mode of home appliances is rapidly changing; 2) The Mofei team has formed a set of explosive products adapted to social e-commerce, using innovative products + content to explode, quickly running under the tuyere, and driving the transformation of Dongling and other Xinbao subsidiary brandsUpgrade, the effect is immediate.

The above two trends will continue in the foreseeable future, and the company’s domestic brand business is expected to continue to exceed market expectations.

Profit analysis: exchange rate contribution variables, domestic brand profit contribution flexibility is large, costs are still contributing positively, and exchange rate contributions overlap.

19Q3 single quarter gross margin and financial expense ratio increased by +4.

2pct, -0.

1pct. Due to the high base of exchange rate-related financial contributions, from the perspective of hedging-related investment income and fair value changes, the 19Q3 decreased by 54.73 million (18Q3 total profit of 31.55 million). In summary, the depreciation of the value of the RMB against the US dollarProfit contribution is changing, and cost factors are still contributing positively.

The profit contribution of domestic brands has great flexibility.

Although the profit contribution from the depreciation of the 19Q3 exchange rate has declined, the company’s profit growth rate is still significantly faster than the revenue growth rate. We believe that the profit elasticity brought by the high growth of domestic brand business, that is, the profit margin is significantly higher.The proportion of domestic brand revenue is rising rapidly, driving the overall profit margin to increase.

Profit outlook: The future profit elasticity comes from domestic brands. We estimate that the actual net profit margin of Mofei is more than 15%, and the actual net profit margin of Dongling is close to 10%. The profitability of domestic brands is much higher than the foundry business (5?
6%), through the rapid growth of domestic brand business, its marginal contribution to high profitability will become more apparent, about 19Q3 domestic brand’s profit contribution has exceeded 15%.

It is expected that the maximum amount of the incentive fund will be withdrawn and the management expenses will be increased by about 4,000 million.

According to the company’s previous announcement of “Administrative Measures for the Annual Performance Incentive Fund Plan”, it is estimated that the maximum amount for 2019 will be 40 million yuan, which will increase management costs by about 40 million yuan.

It is expected that the increase in profitability in the fourth quarter of 19 will be lower than the previous month due to customers’ price adjustment requirements, but the domestic brand business has a large profit elasticity. After considering the cost of the incentive fund, we expect the company’s net profit attributable to mothers to achieve more than 25% growth in 2019.

The domestic brand business has a better business model and improved operating quality. Compared to the foundry business, the domestic brand business has stronger industrial chain pricing power and a better business model. From the financial statements, the company ‘s net cash flow from operating activities in the single quarter of 19Q3 reached 5.

89 ppm, previously + 147%, advance receipts at the end of the period rose to 1.

72 ppm, previous + 51%, accounts receivable + notes totaled 12.

600 million, down 8% a year.

New potential for small household appliances consumption, how Xinbao’s domestic sales business can take advantage of the wind and the new environment for small household appliances consumption has given new brands a chance to break through.

With the rise of new consumer groups, new channels and new marketing methods, consumer demand for small appliances and matching business strategies are undergoing huge changes, which 深圳桑拿网 has given the opportunity for new brands to break through. We have already seen Xiaomi, Xiaoxiong, and MofeiAnd many other cases.
In this context, Xinbao’s domestic sales business has two great development potentials: 1) Domestic brand business.
The Mofei team has worked out a set of “explosive methodologies” to adapt to the new environment. In the context of social e-commerce, revenue is committed to maintaining rapid growth. As a result, Xinbao has established 6 domestic brands covering different categories.Matrix, if Xinbao’s supply chain capabilities and Mofei’s business ideas can gradually incubate more Internet celebrity brands similar to Mofei, Xinbao’s domestic brand business scale is expected to break through quickly.

2) Serving Little B’s supply platform.

Due to low-volume, non-standardized products, small B (net red, KOL) was unable to obtain top-level supply chain support in the small home appliance category in the past. As a supply platform, Xinbao has strong flexible supply chain capabilities and service experience.The dimension of the chain empowers small B. In the domestic market, there will be two types of ODM customers: retailer private brands and online celebrity brands.

Profit forecast, forecast and rating company maintains rapid growth in export sales in 19Q3, domestic brand business accelerates, and overall revenue growth is slightly higher than the previous quarter. Benefiting from the domestic brand profit contribution, the profit growth rate in the single quarter of 19Q3 is much higher than revenue and profitElasticity is better than market expectations.
Maintain 2019-2021 EPS forecast to 0.



09 yuan, corresponding to PE is 20/17/15 times. Under the brand of social e-commerce, the company’s domestic brand business is expected to continue to exceed expectations, and the new environment for the consumption of small appliances gives Xinbao two major development potentials, and the domestic sales business has ample space.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: The sharp appreciation of the RMB exchange rate affects profitability, and domestic brand business innovation is weak.

Zhoumei (600188) Interim Review: Taxes and Fees Return to Normal in the First Half of the Year High Dividend Highlights Company Value

Zhoumei (600188) Interim Review: Taxes and Fees Return to Normal in the First Half of the Year High Dividend Highlights Company Value

Core point of view: In the first half of the year, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother increased for many years.

5%, the annual decrease in expenses and taxes during the period is obvious. The company disclosed its 2019 Interim Report. In the first half of the year, the company achieved revenue / net profit attributable to mothers / net profit after deduction of 1059.

8 ppm / 53.

6 ppm / 50.

2 ‰, +38 a year.

8% / + 23.

5% / + 10.

8%, EPS is 1 in the first half.

09 yuan / share.

The company’s gross operating profit in the first half of the year decreased by 12 each year.

4 ‰, but the rapid growth of overall performance was mainly due to the decrease in the period cost 17.

9 trillion and taxes are reduced by 2 every year.

0 million.

Among them: 1) Management costs are reduced by 11 each year.

US $ 700 million, mainly due to the fact that some social insurances have been coordinated and managed by Jining City since 2018. The company has made a one-time social insurance premium10 in the first half of 2018.

1.6 billion.

2) Financial expenses are reduced by 5 each year.

8 ‰ (among which, the interest expense decreases by 2 every year).

54 ppm, exchange loss is reduced by 3 per year.

9.5 billion).

In terms of quarters, the company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in 19Q230.

500 million, ten years +9.

4 ppm or +44.

4%, +7 from the previous quarter.

400 million or 32.


In the first half of the year, the company’s raw coal output fell slightly, with a net profit of about 124 yuan per ton of coal production and sales: the company’s raw coal output in the first half of the year fell by 5249, or 88 tons or 1.

7%; commercial coal production is 4699 per year, exceeding the minimum of 151 or 3.

1%; commercial coal sales of 5529 increased at least 22 inches or 0.


By region, the output of Yancoal Australia increased by 118 or 5 in the first half.

5%, and the main reductions in production are: (1) affected by safety and environmental protection policies, the production of Shilawusu coal mines is restricted, and the output is reduced by 68.

2 initial or 36.


(2) The production of Zhaolou Coal Mine, which belongs to Heze Nenghua, was reduced due to the reduction of production capacity.

5 free radicals or 30.

Price cost: The company’s average selling price per ton of coal in the first half of the year was 564.
7 yuan / ton, previously +4.

7%; the cost per ton of coal is 319.

6 yuan / ton, previously +12.

8%; gross profit per ton of coal is 245.

1 yuan / ton, at least -4.

2%; net profit per ton of coal is about 124 yuan / ton, +25 for many years.


The average selling price of 19Q2 tons of coal was 536.

3 yuan / ton, +1 in the past.

4%, compared with -10.

0%; the cost per ton of coal is 308.

3 yuan / ton, previously +12.

2%, compared with -8.

3%; gross profit per ton of coal is 228 yuan / ton for ten years.

3%, MoM -12.


At the end of July, Shilausu Mine was allowed to enter the joint trial operation. Later, the trend will contribute part of the incremental growth. The company’s main growth points in the future are: (1) the potential of coal mines to increase production potential.

According to the annual report, the coal mine under construction in Shandong has Wanfu coal mine (capacity of 500 tons). At the beginning of 2019, the company’s Zhuanlong coal mine capacity increased from 500 tons to 1,000 tons. The large mines in Mongolia in the company also included Yingpanyu Coal Mine (12 million tons)Shilawusu coal mine (1,000 tons), the total output of the three mines reached 3,200 tons, while the actual raw coal production in 2018 was about 1,816 tons, and the total output in the first half of 2019 was 864 tons.

According to the company’s announcement, the Shilausu Coal Mine obtained a mining license in May this year. At the end of July, it was approved to carry out a joint trial operation at an annual capacity of 800 tons. It is expected that it will start to contribute part of the increase in the second half of the year.

(2) Expansion of coal chemical business.

According to the annual report, the company’s coal chemical currently produces methanol, including the Yulin Nenghua 60 Zeolite Project and the Ordos Nenghua 90 Substitution Project.

According to the minutes of the annual report results release, the construction of the second coal chemical project in Ordos and Yulin Nenghua is being accelerated to ensure operation in the fourth quarter of 2019.

(3) Exchange and redemption losses, reimbursement of social security and other expenses decreased, and the operation of the new mine was completed, and the costs became normal.

Earnings forecast and investment rating follow Chinese corporate accounting standards. The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.

80, 1.

89 and 2.

00 yuan, corresponding to the dynamic PE of A shares in 2019 were 5.

3 times.

The company’s production capacity and output scale are at the forefront of the industry. Costs have gradually returned to normal. In the future, the potential for increasing production has broken through, and the ability to release profits has also improved.

According to the interim report, the company plans to conduct an interim cash dividend and pay a cash dividend of RMB 49.

12 ppm (including tax), which means a cash dividend of RMB 10 for every 10 shares.

00 yuan (including tax), according to the current overall estimated return rate of 10.

4%, the high index rate also highlights the value of the company.

With reference to the company’s historical estimation of hub and comparable company evaluations, we believe that there is room for improvement in company evaluations to maintain a reasonable value14.

0 yuan per share, H shares have a reasonable 杭州桑拿 value of 10.

The view of 77 stocks / shares remains unchanged, corresponding to the 19-year PE of A shares is 7.

8 times, 19 years of PE of H shares is 5.

0 times, maintain the company’s A, H shares “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: coal prices fall more than expected, safety accidents occur in coal mines, and the company’s cost increases too quickly.