[Does eating hot watermelon diarrhea]_Danger_Impact

[Does eating hot watermelon diarrhea]_Danger_Impact

Watermelon is a very popular fruit with high nutritional value and sweet taste, which makes people very much like it, but you need to pay attention when eating watermelon. Except that you ca n’t eat watermelon in the early stage of cold, you ca n’t eat watermelon during fever and diarrhea, evenEat hot watermelon as little as possible, because the taste of watermelon will change after being heated.

Can I eat watermelon with a cold and fever? It is not advisable to eat at the beginning of the cold. The cold is a symptom at the beginning, and the divergent method to dispel the disease from the surface should be used for treatment.

Eating watermelon is equivalent to taking a medicine that clears the heat, which can lead to evils, make the cold worse, or prolong the healing time.

Fever can eat colds and fevers, and you can eat watermelon when you have fever, thirst, sore throat, yellow urine, etc. It can clear the throat, accelerate the spread of the body, and help restore normal body temperature.

It is not suitable to eat watermelon with fever and diarrhea. The watermelon itself is cold, and it is easy to stimulate the spleen and stomach. If you have a fever when you have a cold, and you have diarrhea, eating watermelon will only increase the symptoms of diarrhea, which is not conducive to recovery.

Can diarrhea eat watermelon? Diarrhea can’t eat watermelon.

Watermelon is cold, eat more to hurt the spleen and stomach Watermelon is cold, especially frozen watermelon in summer, eating more healthy people will also hurt the spleen and stomach, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.

People with diarrhea, eating watermelon will only increase abdominal distension and diarrhea.

Eating more watermelons is prone to high permeability. When eating watermelons, the stomach and stomach will absorb a higher amount of sugar. In addition, some people have a poor absorption of sugar. After eating, the body will form a “high permeability” phenomenon: the cells of the gastric wall absorb waterThe ability is less than the osmotic pressure of sugar. Water in the cells will be absorbed by the sugar and excreted from the body, causing diarrhea.

However, this kind of diarrhea often appears in people with “poor bowel function”. If you are healthy, the chance of this situation will increase, but if you are having diarrhea, it will be worse.