[Can maternal eat American ginseng]_ American ginseng _ Maternal _ Can you eat

[Can maternal eat American ginseng]_ American ginseng _ Maternal _ Can you eat

During the birth of a child, it is easy to cause great vitality injuries, so at this time, many people use American ginseng to cook chicken soup or stew pork trotters.

American ginseng itself is a very precious nourishing product. Although there is a slight bitterness, it is helpful to the weakness of the body’s qi and blood, so the mother can eat American ginseng in normal times.

Chinese medicine believes that American ginseng is cold, slightly bitter, and enters the lungs and spleen. It has the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, purging fire and removing irritability, and nourishing stomach and promoting fluid.Cough, suffocation, sluggish limbs, irritability, irritability, yin fluid and plasma after fever.

For example, ginseng reconstituted pills after stroke; replenishing kidney and yang, filling the essence and nourishing the marrow with turtle age set; strengthening the spleen and qi, using Shenling Baizhu powder, or qi deficiency and exogenous patients with ginseng and poisonous drink, Shengmai powder, etc.Without boring, righting the evil, attacking and supplementing, and always using American ginseng instead of ginseng, can get good results.

Due to chronic illness, women’s physical weakness caused by childbirth, overwork, weak energy, insufficient nutrition, and various bleeding, anemia, dizziness, headache, neurasthenia, debilitating, backache, spontaneous sweating and other debilitating diseases, takeAfter American ginseng, they can quickly recover their health.